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Improving industry performance through rigorous research, distinctive insights and knowledge sharing

Our global network and extensive reach with the academic world give us an outstanding position to effectively provide great insights to the ecosystem, craft proposals for new engagements, develop new knowledge and guide the industry as a whole. 


Our sophisticated portfolio of capabilities includes analytics, diagnostics and benchmarking studies. We provide world-class expertise and research, with a cutting-edge practice of knowledge development.


Security Token General Overview Reports

This seven-part series has been commissioned to guide aspiring tokenized projects through the STO process from start to finish.

This Whitedeck provide a framework of fundamentals and tokenomics features to best pitch your STO.  

A comprehensive security tokens & STO Primer that dives into this emerging component of decentralized finance

This  handbook provides guidelines on how to issue compliant securities on the blockchain

This article talks about tokenization from a core transformation/technology perspective

Clay Collins simply the complex and tell the story of projects makers, issuers, investors, and influencers driving adoption of security tokens.

Security Token Market Reports 

A report that analyses the state of smart securities in 2019 and their application on a large scale

This market report gives the global status-quo and underlying strategic perspectives

A report that provides the latest trends in ICOs, STOs, Invesments and M&A

Security Token Regulation Articles

Tokeny describes the implication of the Article 3(2) of the Prospectus Regulation applying on 21st of July 2019  across each country of the EU

Public statement from US S.E.C regarding the issuance and trading of Digital Securities

The stance of the most important global regulators’ on cryptoassets, presented in an infographic.

Security Token News


The Tokenist is a media platform for providing relevant, high quality, and differentiated information for the security token industry 

Digital Asset Insider is a leading news and information website covering the emerging global industry of disruptive finance including digital assets and other forms of Fintech

download (18).png offers the latest news on security tokens. Read interviews, find token issuers, and research the top conferences.